Thursday, September 29, 2016

More on fungi and molds

I know from googling that fungi take 10-14 days to develop so my impatience is my problem. There are some common kinds:   Aspergillus spp., Rhizopus spp.,Penicillium spp., Neurospora spp.,Cladosporium spp., and Mucor spp.

So far so good. (This is when you wish you knew someone with a microscope and a good attitude!:)

My mold could be one of these from the write ups their protein digesting  enzymes (1):

Penicillium camemberti on the outside of the Brie cheese mass. In both types of cheeses, the fungi grow and release protein and fat-degrading enzymes that soften and ripen the cheese. 

Aspergillus spp. Mucor pusillus. Meat tenderizer; remove bitter flavors, replace rennin in cheese manufacture, chill-proofing of beer; reduce elasticity of glutin proteins in bread

I'm not sure it's removed bitter flavors from the liquid... But I'll keep an eye out for it. The chill-proofing of beer is also a possible direction - I wonder what it means?

It could be Aspergillus too since that's common to compost.(2)

Or mucor.

They're all whiteish ...



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