Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Misread the guides

I just realised when I was talking to Ginger that I might have misread the guides intentions with the prana breath.

Since it so speeds up healing many times over, with no loss of energy, time or tiredness, they might have just been helping me since I've spread myself so thin, my spirit's worn out.

I thought they'd meant I don't need the Reiki symbols or distance healing. Maybe that's not it at all.

I did play more with the three youngest - gundi, raja and rani - today after that puzzling message in meditation. I haven't had the time in years, and always felt guilty for enjoying time with the little ones when so many needed help outside.

Prana breathing and castor oil have eased the time needed for homeopathy to kick in and heal.

I'm in better shape too mentally and emotionally from this deeper breathing.

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