Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Limited range

So let's say you're sick and have a very narrow range of prana you can actually absorb (this explains love of meat, the Atkins diet and paleo only-protein diets), should you actually stick to it to live longer or eat a more balanced diet (and hope you don't develop diarrhoea?:).

I think if you're returning to a childhood diet to survive, it's ok. So if meat was your first food after you were weaned, might be ok to return to it as your allergies grow.

But for those who still have a range in the food that they can digest, it might be good to go vegan and develop a palate again for complex,:unrefined and low processed to let their gut digestion & assimilation grow correctly.

I'm sure vegans get cancer too, though I haven't heard of any (too small a population?) but vegetarians certainly do. I blame the milk and sugar to a great extent - khoa sweets are a daily indulgence! Overcooked veggies and white rice, maybe as well.

So to meander back, dietary change will probably make new men of sceps. And reduce their cancerous tendencies to suckle on random prana sources. Who knows what yuck you can catch that way?;)

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