Friday, September 30, 2016

Kitten stuff

I'm reading the message from the guides literally and taking time out to play with kittens. Gundi and Chiripiri spent a half hour scaring each other silly in the garden after they saw a huge rat scurrying away. Such girly girls.:)

Tipu and Hyder on the other hand are too male to play with these girls  and play so dangerously around wooden staves that I'm afraid one might impale himself during the games.

Raja is a dumb physically strong male but easily scared while Rani is physically weak but mentally bold and sure of herself. She leads him when her eyes aren't glued shut and her fragile bones don't ache.

But these are the first two kittens I've had the weird privilege of calming down with a chant! When I was in my 20s I fell asleep to Yesudas' resonant voice chanting 'om namo shivaya' on tape in Thiruvanamalai. So when I'm harried by kittens I try to calm myself with it. Rani shushed Raja the first time she heard it and ever since I've used it to put them to sleep when they're fighting too much with each other. Rani will sigh with pleasure to hear the syncope (I'm not sure what it is when the sound wavelength modulates?) and Raja sleeps just millimeters from my mouth to get the vibration.

Kittens are as irrational as humans when it comes to ascribing credit and blame.

Tipu and Hyder when very sick with fip, were given a little rice bran oil to lick and some white rice. Even today they eat it where ever they find it like that made them well.

I'm sure it changed the complexion of their gut slightly, cleared constipation but otherwise ...

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