Friday, September 23, 2016

International peace day

A friend and I did a 5 min equinox meditation today to join the wave around the world. She's all into equinoxes and solstices, my guides were as usual excited to heal the planet, I love world movements I can join.

I gathered as many guides as I could and asked for peace for exploited animals (humans too penned & exploited by war). That no human can profit from their suffering as food, clothing, entertainment or ornament.

It was surprisingly powerful, my forehead chakra hummed and I could feel the draw from it.

I've never felt that before - so is that how intentions ought to  feel?!!:) Wow!

I'd given up on intention Reiki and healing because it really was a 'garbage in garbage out' thing. If my underlying intention was to show off, my stated intention would just get that little bit of twist that would make it a mixed blessing (like R losing his job when the intention was a raise; getting the raise at the next job after a hellish month without a proper work permit!); if my intention was from pity, most likely no effect; worry, worsens; greed, opposite effect (as in the case above). So very erratic and humbling.

This on the other hand felt like I was running along with a million souls for a good cause.

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