Saturday, September 24, 2016

Cancer sceps and their vics

My guides won't like this piece because it's a mean one but ... I think I hurt some scep feelings by speculating that the underlying miasm for both them and their victims might be cancer.

It wasn't intentional - my blog's not for reading, just my  processing. I only posted the address on twitter to take the wind out of the Martian's sleuthing sails.

There's cancer in every home and I'm not looking to attach blame. If anything it might be related to the solar cycle and cosmic rays. For all I know.

But the outrage my posts created reminded me of a crazy time on IRC. Farrah Fawcett had just died of colon cancer and Ryan o'Neil was acting all bereaved and fake. I was on the scep science chan and a number of doms were on their high horse about her decision to quit chemo (after it went from stage 1 to 3 on chemo) and use naturopathy in the end. How alt med killed her, blah blah.

One unwary, innocent voice piped in with the obvious: that colon cancer is usually related to meat consumption and/or anal sex and Ryan was known to be a backdoor man.

There was a 5 min flabbergasted silence before the room exploded into action and word. The poor truthteller was kicked out, banned, and all kinds of scientific studies pulled out to prove colon cancer couldn't be connected to the anal sex that they all loved so much! Lol, men! No, it had to be the alt med that killed her obviously - just one more session of chemo could have had her fit as a fiddle and back in service of Man. (At least, one man who was just like them.:)

No one likes to think they contribute to the health problem of those around them, sceps least of all. Their denial is complete in every area of thought. But we all know how we can exhaust someone by talking her down, weaken a child with terror, drive people insane with revenge or office  politics. We all know how to cut people down to size - cancer size, that is.

In homeopathy, both diabetes and tuberculosis have to be present in the family history for cancer to develop according to Kent. It's a secondary combination of the weakness of tuberculosis (victims) and the excesses of diabetes (aggressors). It usually plays out in the children and their children's children, a second gen disease. You can see it happening as they grow up, how one dominates and takes more than his share, the other tries to give as much as she can.

And the victim isn't blameless either - they're drawn to the aggressors like iron filings to magnets (sometimes in the same proportion - comon, it's Ryan o'Neil!:). In a relationship it's the victim's place to call a halt when the s&m//dom/sub games go from a hot turn-on to painful resignation to actual physical damage and scar tissue. How's the dom to know when he's having the time of his life, pigging out!:p

The same is true with any normal narc-scep+vic relationship: if the victim feels tired and exhausted all the time it's really up to her to run, even crawl away, before a chronic and fatal drain. Don't make excuses for him, or be hoovered, or stay for the kids, because you're broke, have no will power ... just leave!

Actually run before! When they groom you, the first time they show contempt, nag you, strip you of self-respect, tell you that you hurt their feelings to shut you up. If not then, there's still time to break with your faithless liar during the rollercoaster of feeling excited sexiness to the gut-wrenching doldrums of fear for your sanity, ignored, uncertain and alone.

In fact I'll give both vics and sceps a simple way to tell: the first time you have a tummy upset after an argument, break up.

Say bye and save yourselves from the arrogant Prince Charmings, those knights in fake armor, you love to hate, you sooty, selfless, pitiful Cinderellas! No cancer miasm can raise its hydra head then for either.

(I'm putting in a little victim blame here to pacify some energy-vampires - you sceps were not the only cause!;)

"I’d lose some of the savagery. I don’t know how she got cancer; maybe some of it was me." - Ryan O'Neil, after her death. (1)


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