Friday, September 30, 2016

Bitter reflection:)

I'm an idiot. I should have saved some of the first culture that worked.

I'm so not into microbiology that I wish I'd just set it like we do curd instead of starting afresh. Now to wait two weeks is killing me.I also wish I hasn't pissed off all the microbiology sceps before I figured this out. If they can get a Nobel out of it and I can get some proper aging going on my neruri to help my animals it should be fair exchange! But they're a bunch of jerks so not sure they'd have been helpful ... but I'm feeling the stress of telling a lamberti from a racemosa!:(

Somehow the fungi I'm brewing  pushes back the tonsil fungi or bacteria. It must be a property of neruri, because the guides wanted me to brew it alone.

I can see some mold forming on the exposed leaves of neruri. The previous fungus was snowy white with a little black or green, can't recall.

Maybe I'll have to start again and do it in batches with salt, protein (dal), oil, basale, basil ...*groan*

I was just about to post this this afternoon after swiping it last night, feeling a little defeated and wondering if I'd got everything wrong.

Plants crowd together in weeds and guides might have gone too far in telling me to make it rot (idiots have died inhaling fungus after all!:).

But this morning the chill bloomed in my mouth finally!! So I had got everything right!

6-7 days then, I've got it down to Mucor species, and I now have a mother liquid to work with!

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