Friday, September 23, 2016

Another scep mechanism

Thanks to my idiot guides I found a new mechanism in the scep arsenal of energy hijack.

My guides, maybe all guides, can lead a moron into great trouble if one doesn't put the brakes on. I mean, look at what happened to Socrates and Jesus! I've told them repeatedly that I lack messiah-like qualities (esp guts, courage and certainty which I feel are essential;) so to concentrate on showing me how to save animals exclusively. After all, animals are to be saved from humans, I can't be saving the bad guys at the very same time as the good victims?! No logic. lol

This mechanism is called Grooming in narc psych language. All week I ignored the 'I'm so perfect' statements.

There's actually little one can say when someone says that beyond 'good'. I hear,"I'm such a good cook, my husband and kids are so healthy" from a diabetic and my knees go weak, my eyes glaze over and I say 'good' before I run. That lady has so far to go and I'm not Atlas. She's never going to go vegan in the next 10 lifetimes. Sorry, K, I love your good heart but I can't save your family's  islets!

Or maybe this is what they wanted to show me, these guides. A scep offering to help when I offered advice - say what? Hurt feelings over nothing much when it's really a hurt ego over not being held in high regard. Control in a different, confusing, manipulative way.

I'll admit to not being very attentive - my gut could be yelling and I ignore it until my stomach literally churns with warning.:)

There's a mantle of past successes at manipulation that is impossible to dent in these Teflon sceps. Everything hits that shield and reverses - is a comic book super-power, I tell you!

We work so hard to build the same shield with Reiki and a puff of ill will can knock it down sometimes. It's frustrating and deflating to see how little healers achieve for all the time and effort we expend. "Omg, what happened to the nice pyramid protection I gave you an hour ago? it's all gone, what did you do?" "oh, it made me feel so good I waved to my neighbor and she ignored me" Deflategate.

But this little piggy builds the strongest of them all with simple, classic duckback smoothness. Sceps have human energy transfer down to an art of surgical precision.;/

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