Monday, September 26, 2016

A message

I had a good meditation with my friends this weekend. One was unable to conc in anything due to her online course on Plato and Socrates - nothing like rational philosophy to ruin you for mysticism and spirituality! It's thugness wipes out the ephemeral whispers like a narc wipes out his wife's personality.;)

In my session, my usual guide, the Dark Lady, didn't come. Instead the scene changed and it was a mountainside and a dark, chocolatey stag came down, nuzzled at my hand, nipped at a few branches of a fir and then invited me to run with it. I couldn't go because my body felt so heavy and tired. I asked if it wanted me to follow and it kept dashing between trees and teasing like a puppy or a kitten which wants to play. But I was thinking I was too slow now for this.

The stag had even antlers, rounded, like that one, the spirit of the world, Japanese myth in Miyazaki's movie - no markings, but two shades brown and dark chocolate fur.

At first I thought like a Petronius (lol! HarryPotter may have sunk deep;) but no glitter or heavy antlers.

Worldliness is like a tarpit, holding you down with grief and sadness and control. It gets harder and harder to move your spirit and body joyfully, enjoy work, take time to play. So either they're calling me home or they're telling me that I've got it. Now to shake it off, lighten up and play?

I've still got responsibilities ... will they ease up? More important, will I ease up and enjoy it again and understand the suffering around me as a process that isn't my responsibility to complete or cure. I'm hoping to have the sense, strength to let go. Guides really have time backwards, so not sure of when.

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