Saturday, August 27, 2016

The energy sources

Sources of Prana

The primary source for plants, animals and humans appears to be geomagnetic. Not just the upper layers of atmosphere but the polarity of magma and crust.

We'll leave the sun, moon and star light as sources for a future date when I get it.

I don't think any of us can breathe for prana long, or have strong enough chakras to draw it from the earth directly. So direct use of minerals, air, water can't be enough ... I'll include plants (sorry, you poor things) especially those we don't kill to eat: leaves, vines, fruit, tree nuts, (& seed maybe?).

Secondary sources would be those that we kill to eat. Starting from roots to fish, bird,  animal. Our survival depends on their loss of sorts. This is where even a mother's breast milk would be, and the exploitation of cows to compensate for our premature  weaning (I know women who've breastfed until their sons were 3+!:).

The tertiary sources are the most interesting to me. This is when our chakras draw directly from other living beings. So everything emotional, mental, spiritual from love to trade to money to hate, we can count in.
The primary sources of prana probably have the widest range and bandwidth, most of which we can't utilize today. Many vegetarians, fructarians, vegans prove that this can still be possible. But I suspect that we use tertiary sources as much as anybody else to make it work.

The secondary sources narrows the range. Predators have territories to guard a great deal of secondary sources. Humans to the predator chain. The sicker they are, the more they need diets within a very narrow range of prana. Food cravings are often for animal protein.

The tertiary sources are the narrowest and most fixed prana. It feeds a particular deficiency and a very definite chakra and aural vibration. Addictive behavior, habits, routines both feed and conserve the prana at this level.   Social, economic and political exploitation would fall in this category.

This tertiary level is what is so hard to heal. It's a fixed, very narrow range which would require great skill from a healer to break through. Even if you break this level down, the secondary backs it up and the primary still out of reach!

The task is herculean it appears to me. Healing predators is what I do. Sceps are for me only a model of what I need to do for my animals (I have no ambition to heal any human at all:).

Still, it needs to be done somehow for cats and dogs. They're at the top of the food chain and play an important role in clearing up the huge waste the meat-eating humans leave in their wake. We can't have these scavenger species die off before meat eating humans do!:p

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