Saturday, August 20, 2016

Teaching, slip, cup, lip

Haha! I explained prana breathing to j and v athe. Both understood something else entirely! lol!

It's really just yawns. Nothing but yawns until your lungs can do it through the nose or ordinary breathing I suppose! I guess I confused them somewhat after I say that bit?:)

I'm thinking now that it's a method that the guides will teach each one differently.

With j, they didn't want me to give the history of how I came to it. With V, I think her learning of pranayama might have interfered with learning something new.

Even though she didn't understand it fully, j is better and not sucking energy off of  me as much over the phone chats.

She also said she'd go get herself tested for thyroid which is so far, so good. She's out on so much weight, looks tired, is  distracted, more childish than ever, resentful and faking it like when I first met her. There has to be some internal stress that's driving this odd behaviour, because at her best, she's a wonderful, intelligent friend.

I'm thinking metabolism slowing down and health deteriorating. And I'm hoping the damned tests will be sensitive enough to catch it early. Until then I hope this breathing oxygenates and keeps her healthy.

Not only am I teaching it too soon, since I haven't understood it either, I'm probably not teaching it right.:/

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