Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Scepticism as an sunless disease

There was a shockingly honest study done in the 90s, a cultural demographic study in honesty that found the most honest people in the world to be African American women (now also the most educated on the U.S! Congrats, you deserve it!) and the most dishonest to be white men & women (followed closely by Latino & Asian Indian men, unsurprisingly:). My twitter experience has been the same demographic distribution.

Scepticism is mostly a white disease with a few wannabes from other races. Just like serial killers are mostly white in profiling. Whites, evolving and surviving from the ice age without the sun (caves, a lack of Vitamin e, cannibalism) appear to have this new/old disease manifesting as well.

Besides evolution and stagnation in the energy of the sunless, there is decay. There are three further areas to the disease: energy uptake, discharge and what can alter it.
The uptake appears to be an emotional/mental vampirism - a feeling of high by causing others discomfort or mental/emotional pain.

The discharge of used energy is emotional and mental dumping of many false and imagined slights and outrage (Martian). Often it is a slow, sneaky undermining of confidence in the typical narc gaslight technique "oh but you are childish/etc" in a soul destroying drip (flat sea creature, a nonwhite scep).

But this appears to be a gene and a meme. It probably formed the caste system and class system. People brought up or exposed to this easy energy cannibalism seem to prefer it to simpler more basic forms of uptake - Reiki, prayer,  breathing, work/exercise, diet. They thrive when there's sedentary cerebral work with many minions, they're shallow breathers, no hands on healing can affect them and a diet of animal suffering.

I wonder if they're bored by  ordinary food: vegetarian,  vegan, fructarian and therefore  love meat? Cooked protein and fat after all is easiest to digest. Of course and lastly today science and western education has spread scepticism all over the world.

Consuming innocent human and animal energy is rising to a peak. I wonder if it will keep climbing until emotional and mental cannibalism becomes the norm everywhere. Or if it will drop off to a kind of minimal 1%? (land and wealth accumulation has got concentrated in the hands of a few from the same process and like all pyramids attenuates).

Only recently did i realised that the sceptical disease state probably can't be healed. I could be wrong about all the above.:)

But in case I'm right, I need to put this down. The energy that should come from the crown is blocked. Their earth energy looks ok, though jerky and stagnant in turns, and they need to compensate with other energy draws. This is a problem to solve: where are they getting it from.

They're definitely susceptible to CME, kp changes even solar wind! So they're linked to the sun like it's kryptonite to their superman.:)

Another recent thing I've realised is that homeopathy needs prana to work on! You can't heal a depleted subject. You can't even heal someone with this kind of secondhand stolen energy! It forms a cape around them, to continue the superman analogy, that is both a shield and stagnant!

So when three of them did a homeopathic experiment each and none of them were healed, this confirmed the extreme nature of the problem. guruM, Martian have even done Reiki courses and can neither feel the energy nor use it!

My exercise now is to solve this riddle: Sceptics either can't be healed with Reiki or homeopathy or it might be very difficult to do so. I'll need to work on that idea from  different angles.

I tried to listen to all three experimenters about where they might be short circuiting.

Adam was impossible to talk to. I don't think I want to go near that malign person again (though initially I thought he might be the most straightforward of the lot, seeing his documentation, I realise now that he's got the worst case of scepticitis! it's all a show with him - his fear is corrupting his attitude.:) But unfortunately, I don't know his source of stolen energy: perhaps the game is rejection with "please leave me alone"?

ttety gave me a lot of details of her experiment. Her timefog was a perfect candidate for Psorinum so why didn't it work? Psorinum probably works on the pineal? I'd she tried it once a month would it eventually break through?

She was so polite too that it was puzzling but only until the end when she, predictably, tried the dom game. Ah! A true scep confirmed!:)

She had an even sneakier game going behind the chatty facade with her 'tweet of the week' mockery. Fortunately avocado posted it because she didn't interest me enough to see her tl. And the quoted tweets on twitpane, are as usual erratic, so i didn't catch it! I was happy not to have 2 out of a sample of 3 without true scepticism or any confirmed alternate sources of energy! Lol.

So now I think I have it down down for three at least. But sceps appear to have an infinite small ways to steal as well. Money, land, control, power might be the big ways.

For the three birds in hands though: Martian of course as usual has his nasty game of wild, erratic  accusations to draw in people's energy; Adam has his rejections and standoffish drama to feel great; ttetym her backstab & pretense of honesty while being cutting.

They're all energy vampires, with years of practice. What's more they're all white, stealing energy mostly from other whites and occasionally finding multi racial trusting victims to bully.

What's more, the blocking miasm appears to be the cancer miasm. Again back to that conclusion of 6 months ago when I abandoned it as not enough data to go on.

The disturbing thing is how difficult the cancer miasm is to heal. It spreads it's way across society adding narcs/victims both into the suffering, it multiples, drains and most of all, inflames, decays, and  metastasizes into so many forms.

Disheartening since it is so hard to heal on the emotional and mental level, not just the physical. Poor things. I'd have preferred it to be any other disease but this.

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