Saturday, August 27, 2016

Sceps and gurus

So money is not a prana generated thing. It's a secondary feeding off of primary labor or thought.

No wonder the guru types crave money, power, recognition and land separate from whatever spiritual development they have!

The two aren't related so no matter how much you develop pranic powers, it still won't give you those very secondary and tertiary energy draws! Ah-ha ...  Nailed you, greedy buggers!:)

So this is why they're frauds probably. They understand energy and STILL want to steal like sceps. That's shitty. Sceps at least are honestly unable to process primary energy, are disconnected from higher sensitivity, thinking and feeling. But it's inexcusable in one who has the higher connection and still craves the vampiric sources!

If prana only generates life, a kind of attraction/recognition and peace, then sad though it may sound, a true guru should be poor.:)

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