Monday, August 15, 2016

Prana breathing: healing the streams

Oh! The drawings of ida, pingala and sushmana are entirely accurate!

This is a big surprise to me. I thought they were trying to show front and back diagrammatically. But the movement of energy in the Ida and Pingala are from side to side on either side of the spine.

*The root chakra too isn't one! *The Ida and Pingala streams are in the hip joint g-spots (which is why they hurt so much when we are ill and "out of balance").

Not completely sure about this next part but
* the Pingala appears to end in  the right hipjoint, being the downward stream.
* the Ida starts in the left hip joint and moves upward.
* the Sushmana is the energy just below the sponge which travels in a straight line from the crown to the root (which Reiki heals) and probably back up. This is the front and back of the drawings that I understood right (This corrosponds to the autonomous nervous system? or maybe the sympathetic and parasympathetic? Not sure)
* the Pingala goes to the left of the spine at the sacral chakra, to the right at the solar plexus, to the left again in the joint of the front leg, right of the throat, and left jaw(?)/eye(?).
* then it turns at the forehead chakra, and starts down as the Ida through the other side of the same chakras.

Not sure how to heal with it but hats off to master choa kuk sui for even attempting to use prana for healing! It's all wrong in pranic healing because they don't do the breathing! (But they probably teach it in the advanced which I didn't do.)

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