Thursday, August 11, 2016

Prana Breathing for elite sports

Sometime two years ago I feel in love with a narc F1 driver. He was self centred, silent, intense, shy and icy, emotionless eyes. I noticed how badly he handled interviews and how well a car. It peaked my interest.

The most interesting thing was how he breathed! You could hear the rush of air as he prepared to talk. Then he wouldn't breathe again for a long time, at least, not as deep.

But what kept me following f1 racing long after the crush faded was that *all*, ALL F1 drivers breathed in that same way!!

I think that prana breath is what makes them elite athletes at the pinnacle of a very very competitive and elite sport!

It's taken in deeper and held longer than an ordinary human holds it. That's why they're icemen and function under enormous stress.

It has something to do with hand-eye coordination and reaction speed as well. I've noticed it in some cats since then and going to see it in dogs.

Check out the f1 interviews sometime!

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