Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New views on Healing

Long ago I'd asked the other reiki healers and homeopaths why healing made the living live better but the dying die faster. Pleomorphism is the only way to explain it.

Scep dogs like Gunda refuse the energy because they know they're dying. And that any healing will speed up that process!

Homeopathy can heal functioning mitochondria and cells but speeds up the death of those that aren't.

We need to breathe in prana first to get the microzyma and mitochondria working first! Prana breathing isn't just an interesting diversion by the Guides. It's essential to the process of prolonging life and healing!

Reiki works from higher chakras down but this healing comes with uncomfortable knowledge of all your mistakes. Reiki has always been drawing from the Akashic records and higher collective knowledge then!

Scep dogs like Gunda who *deliberately* do wrong find that being healed hurts when their conscious mind and ego is active. I've found it painful enough myself in an everyday way to know more even when I inadvertently hurt others! How much worse knowledge is when you've *chosen* not to know, not to feel or see suffering and increase it for the sufferer.

If the upper ones to the heart chakra are blocked, there's nothing but pain, guilt, shame, embarrassment and sorrow from getting Reiki when awake and active.

It has to be given during sleep when the unconscious mind can assimilate and digest the bad news that you've been very very bad. That explains Gunda's secret love of being healed when both of us slept.

Or at least when I slept so that my judgement didn't make it worse, add a layer of sorrow and disappointment to the energy. No wonder they say that we healers should drop judgementalism!! We're adding to the suffering!

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