Wednesday, August 10, 2016

New view on sceps

Now that I've decided that Gunda could have been healed, sceps too.

The time to try might be during or after a CME (when their solar plexus is changing) and to stop before the geomagnetic storm hits the earth (when they're at their worst and most acidic and bitter). Usually 3 days. A kp5 isn't the best time.

Kp4 and up might be good to give remedies for acidity and bitter water rising from the solar plexus region.

A geomagnetic storm is not the best time to give them nutrients in food. It doesn't nourish.

Between geo prev - next CME time? There haven't been many such this entire 2 months (June end I started following)! Endless solar winds and CMEs and storms is this even normal?!

When the kp index drops low bp makes some animals sicker. A steady or slowly rising kp seems to be best for animals.

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