Tuesday, August 30, 2016

More yawning students for my guides!

I taught one more friend pranic breathing. She couldn't yawn! Said she hasn't done it for decades, even thought it was a good thing. The older you get yawning seems to be a real problem!

The lack of yawns also coincides with a kind of deep energy neediness (this friend particularly is a black hole of need!:). I hope it fills that yawning hole of emptiness she lives in!

One scary thing was that as we tried mediation after it, the guides kept turning me in her direction! I remembered that they did it for Gunda to let me know he was dying and I got scared for her! It might have been something else of course, now to think of it calmly. Spooked me though.

I'd happily teach people how to yawn all these guides want if, 1) no spooking and 2) yawning people didn't make such funny faces.

They're hilarious! I had a hard time keeping a straight face with my friends. I'd probably crack up with strangers.:)

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