Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Last 4 known kittens of last season

The last four kittens (out if the 11-19(?) I'd estimated were born in spring) look like they've survived.

A number much lower than I'd hoped, but higher than the 1 of the last autumn set (out of 15/20? can't recall) last year (Roguen who vanished mid June, presumed dead). 2 of the previous spring (gcat & squeaky out of 15/20).

Four females haven't reproduced for 2 seasons because they were too sick (2) or they nurtured their sick kittens through it (2).

All the kittens born out of the main seasons die before they open their eyes for some reason - maybe sick females don't ovulate in the correct mating season but in summer or winter and don't fall into nature's pattern?

Shilla had off-season kittens last month. Now she's with her boyfriend, Simba, again for two weeks. Her kittens must have died within that time. Young couple, so they may not know how to time mating yet for kitten-survival.
The two kittens who looked very sick a around the killshot CME (respiratory, nervous and intestinal symptoms) improved with a single dose of Uranium Nitr 3x when I bought it for Gunda (who it didn't help at all).

One still has some nervous overreaction (just now a crow cawed above it and it jumped high defensively) so not fully cured yet.

The symptom I went on for remedy use was 'inflamed eyelids' which is usually common in fip.

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