Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kittens are born of love

It astonishes me that people can talk about euthanasia for kittens so easily. They don't know how hard cats work to have them!

First, falling in love: I know males and females that are still bachelors 4 years after cat  maturity from not falling on love!

Then the mating: one loving pair haven't figured out how to  do it (2 years = 6 seasons!) and remain childless.

The forever loves: Magalu & Hero stayed loyal to each other until his death.
Banditti only mated with Manmatha until her death. Manmatha, who cheated on her throughout their marriage, hasn't mated since her passing. Remorse maybe, grief for sure.

Then the pregnancy: such a danger filled time! Legs full with water, they can't run or climb.

Then birthing: if premature or the bleeding won't so or sepsis (like Sundari) the babies & mama will die.

Then the agony of raising them, protecting them from rats, birds, dogs, rain, rogue males. Hiding them from humans. Teaching them how to survive. Carrying food to them as they learn to eat solids, chewing it for them. Changing places, teaching routines, escape.

All this just for ... nothing? For some random human to kill them as an excess? This was what science did for China's people. Today they don't have enough kids to carry a generation into old age. Leave the cats alone. Nature cares more!

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