Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Energy understanding -2

So, as far as healing is concerned:

*Gunda is another case of liver hardening that I couldn't cure. Too many of these for it not to be a pattern. Though it needn't be a failure of homeopathy to cure paternal DNA diseases, it does need looking into. It could  be my own method at fault.

Now i think that it might be possible to heal it carefully if I start from the front root area (isn't the root just one chakra? It is, that's a relief!). And progressively heal upward alternating front and back chakras I might have more success. Or healing all 11 points together; or successively.

* The indications are that it might be even simplest than that - in triads of spinal remedies alternating with soft tissue/organ remedies.

*No top-down healing again. I've tried it often but the results have never lasted. I mean this differently though - the correcting energy *must* be drawn at the back forehead chakra to clear the entire channel for these liver dogs. But it should also resonate with the root uptake. How to do this I don't know ...

*The sun burns off stagnant energy in sickness. The first I've seen it happening was with Sonu, the previous alpha, now again with Gunda.
* Not really sure if this is healthy in non alphas though - what if it burns off the little energy you have? Thin/thick auras might need different exposure time.
* Energy healing too needs a rethink for scep dogs. They can't be healed on the four upper chakras without discomfort so the approach must be from below. Which means healing with high potency plant remedies and low potency elements.
* Scep dogs also accumulate too much stagnant energy that they won't get rid of. Hoarders and possessive kinds might have the same energy issues.

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