Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Creating a direction model

I've resisted doing this for a long time!
* First, because I hate being pinned down (before I've fully opened my mind;)
* 2ndly, in Reiki there's only one stream of life force energy moving top down. This we fix as the Sushmana and forget about it;
*3rdly, I wasn't sure of the direction of the stream until Gunda's death. I've only ever worked with the Sushmana, which appears to be connected to the moon and quite useless for sun related, altered gene diseases.
*Living streams are very dynamic so this is just a model to work from. It needs work to bring in a lot of other chakra streams. For example, the forehead connects to the sacral chakra, the throat to the solar plexus, crown to the root.

The Ida & Pingala flat model is what I'm going with. It's probably helical like DNA though, but I have struggled with visualizing helicity and this is complex enough with a side to side model. For a simple understanding of the energy body as with the world, let's take the flatE route.:)

So Ida is the stream of energy rising from the right of the root to the left of the sacral. Then to the right of the solar plexus to the left of the heart. Last to the right of the throat and then left of the forehead chakra.

At this point it mixes and joins with the Pingala and Sushmana.

The flat Pingala does the same upward rise on the other side? or comes down, I'm not sure...

Down makes sense... But if it comes down Ida doesn't join it but, like deoxygenated blood, the de-prana-ed energy drops into a Pingala stream downward to the earth through the g spot hipjoint point.

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