Tuesday, August 9, 2016

An energy understanding

Gunda taught me a great deal about energy healing too by never allowing it near him. lol!

This divorce from the higher chakras wouldn't allow for healing. He was made uncomfortable by any offer - it was entirely mental, a choice, a decision! Worse, he couldn't bear to take up *conscious, kindly, generous* offers to heal - they were affronts to his status and independence! His 'no' was a turning away, a growl, running off and no showing up for hours. If something (even healing) couldn't be taken, wrested, fought over, won, sucked out of a reluctant victim, he didn't want it. Again, so like humans.:)
He took homeopathy easily in food, but since I feed so many I could put his only occasionally. Reiki he'd only allow from a very great distance and a few minutes ... as if it hurt his dignity to stand there looking annoyed!

But jokes aside, the lack of activity in the heart chakra and the chakras above was disturbing and frightening to me in the end. His back heart chakra was gigantic, overblown and flat like a zipped up bag. I could barely push it to move once or twice. The solar plexus wasn't feeding it any energy which explains the size. It also explains the stentorian breathing when he slept. If it had functioned even a little his thyroid might not have lost function, etc. If it had functioned what a generous dog he could have been!

Sceps will never benefit from Reiki and homeopathy either unless those chakras function; but the chakras won't function without energy medicine. It's a circular problem.

If the back forehead - front throat - back heart - front solar -back sacral - (front) root is correct, Psorinum, Ac fluor, Belladonna, Calc Carb,  Kali iod, Lachesis his remedies drawn? I need to work this out so I could have healed him correctly and maybe saved him some crazy years, my poor deluded puppy.

I'm amazed by how complex, circular and impossible the energy cycle in the body is!

Even at 4 - 6 feet away, the energy healing was uncomfortable for him. The power he'd accumulated extended beyond that. In the last 2 days when he finally began leaking that energy, he didn't give it to the  other dogs - he stood in the middle if the street in the sun, where it burned off of him like flames! With his photophobia, conservation of 'his' hard earned stash of energy and fear of people.

How very strange an alpha is! All the nearby alphas probably knew he was dying for weeks before - they'd teasingly aggress on his territory and run away - never challenging him. I thought they were mad to tease him at that time. Within a few hours of his death, all the alphas even far away knew he was gone. They were out in full force wagging tails when i went out to feed them. Maybe that's how he shared his power - not to the undeserving betas and thetas but with his greedy peers and scep equals. So like humans.:)

It was only by chance that Ac flor, Kali iod, Lachesis and other remedies fell into a natural sequence for him in the dogs food in  2015-16. It blew open the energy blocks serendipitously. By May he knew he'd not lived life the way he should have but was too far down that road to break his habits.

But even after he got in touch with his higher emotions (on and off it was never a continuous improvement), he felt too proud, ashamed and guilty to ask for energy healing. He'd sneak up at night to nuzzle into my hands or feet; or  he would try to drive away the weaker dogs that hang around me to get close by default, but he could never take healing openly and lose his 'standing' with his group. (I see sceps have the same power problem on twitter.:)

Gunda, even with all his intellect, was never the most intelligent in the group. Surprising, but something about the blockage prevents them from seeing the larger picture. He often looked to his gf, Sweetie, for judgement of situations and to his best friend, Howl, for guidance in attack whether it was tactics or strategy. Howl himself has such poor judgement of situation that they were bad for each other. Howl does have an instinct for hunting cats, mice and rats and Gunda would be the brawn to Howl's brain, and this is where they excelled, unfortunately. They'd often gang up with rivals to hunt, but the truce usually broke down after.

The other dogs that Gunda beat down, if they were natural alphas, just got sick. Alphas never become betas or thetas. Their power just short circuits around the solar plexus and they get sick and many die. All the dogs drew Centaury as Gunda got sick which is the remedy for weakness.

(to be cont'd)

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