Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A social understanding

So a few things became clear to me from knowing this extraordinary dog, Gunda:

* humans hate and fear and kill alphas with good reason. These dogs don't fear us, are as power-savvy as us and DO attack even those who take care of them (something I'd scoffed at before as a lie). True alpha dogs don't have human alphas over them. Duh.

* Their intelligence is rogue, distinct, maybe even psychic. They connect to an enormous number of dogs. When he'd howl, dogs 2 km away would answer. *Every* dog knew he was alpha even when he acted docile, even as a teen.

*But this entire alpha enterprise is of the solar plexus. When I touched him on the spine in that region, the last week that he was with me, the energy was brittle and in tatters. He'd worn his nerves out for control, power, territory and with hate, envy, greed, possessiveness, etc. The cost was equally high for him.

* This has to be what happens to sceptics, narcs and unsociables even in humans. Twitter has a few and, while they're not canine, they hunt weakness in much the same way as Gunda, they're relentless and unforgiving, limited but sharp in it, and the desire for dominance and power feeds that insatiable appetite. There's suspicion, contempt and a vulgar need for proof all the time, even Gunda couldn't get by without it. (You know how dogs count upto 6? He counted more and would compare that I always gave him his equal share and then some ... which he stole if he felt it was beneath his due). This kind of excess leads to all kinds of health imbalances around the organs of the liver and nerve ganglion.

* vax was not the primary problem. He developed mental irritability and instability long before vax. For many years when I'd seen one or the other of Gunda's many violent vices in other dogs, I'd blamed the anti-rabies vaccine and the a-w community for carelessness (breaking the cold chain, poor quality vax, repetition). NONE of it was true for Gunda. Though it certainly made it permanent and impossible to heal with energy medicine.

* Ill-treatment and cruelty was not the problem that I used to think created aggressive dogs. Gunda had been both pampered and priviledged. Except for his terror as a baby (that Reiki should have cleared in the first week), he'd never been without love or food or care a day in that first year before he began aggressive hunting. Privilege makes alphas worse. Alphas are just naturally narc, insatiable and, if sceptic, very destructive, greedy, harmful.

* Neutering doesn't solve dominance but only the portion of  aggression that's is connected to  testosterone! Just the final push of an adrenal and testosterone spike during a fight, fright or flight response. Unspiked, while there's no escalation, the attacks are relentless.

* Dominance is from the solar plexus. Until this point I'd always thought it was from testosterone, the sacral chakra, connected to sex. It's connected to power. Most of the bitter IRC arguments about rape were because I believed it was from the animal brain, the solar plexus not just the sacral. I was right - sexuality doesn't motivate rape, power does.

* Maybe in the end he died of something like Addison's disease. I couldn't have safely got a vet to him to find out, even if local vets have heard of the disease (Vets here don't have western concepts because the don't learn about FIP, Addison's, etc. and have no tests for it). But considering how shredded his spinal nerves were and the lack of homeopathic reactivity, no material dose could have prolonged his life. The insulin/adrenal/thyroid combo supplements and blood transfusions of Addison's are too high tech for small animal medicine here.

* All his problems began from his mind. The anxiety and fear. It altered his breathing which altered oxygenation and everything else followed after.

* Like biblical end-timers who think Jesus will come and save them from their miserable lives because they're sweet, the weak dogs think getting rid of Gunda will bring purposeful existence back. But scepticism *is* the change that will survive any future storm, not faith! These dogs will need to work on themselves a bit.;)

* Though the weaker dogs celebrate his death, they are wrong. Without a strong leader (however misguided, like Gaddafi or Saddam) they are vulnerable. For now they have me, but if I'm gone, men will torment them into leaving one by one. Gunda took the heat and diverted human emotions from cruelty (to the weak), into fear and hate of his strength. That was as brave and unconsciously generous as any leader.

I learnt much from him.

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