Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Some healing things to remember

(Not readable, skip ... just flashes)

1. Ars met high (cm) safer than ars alb. the latter is for euthanasia imo. Terrified to bring it close to sick animals.

2. Used on root chakra. Spinal remedy.

3. tip of the tail for healing and end of aura there.

4. Two uses, 6 - 8 hours apart, with prana breath made kitten stink the next day. So it probably cleans arsenic? out onto the skin. Probably worm waste or some natural cytotoxic waste product?
I've healed Sammy before with naja on his tail but he's mia/died? a year later. rocky with Lachesis on his back for paralysis partial healing though. Maybe ars met is key.

5. the remedies are diagonal up the periodic table p and d block. Fl ac Stan sulphur ars thallium? Only kittens so far, but seen the same in dogs around the argent met area. Ars (alb) debilitated Vasanthi. So careful but worth remembering.

6. Reiki symbol sei for forehead chakra (breathing out). Cho for solar plexus (breathing in).

7. Several new vaguely familiar symbols not of Reiki with the prana breath. Left to right and round conc (while breathing down) for sacral (ka? Frans Steine must look up), top down jagged lightning symbol (while breathing up) (haku? Hara? From karuna?) down the spine.

8. China off continuously for kitten from the start from crown to solar. Can't go lower yet. The other two had a little of it (sepia China) and both have swollen eyelids now and avoid me! Hidden disease.

9. Smelly but kitten looks better. Hard nose still not changed and spread to mouth now. Lips dry and hard, seems to struggle to drink water.

10. A peace happened for kitten. ever since ars. I hope of life not death though. Rooting into the earth not choosing to leave here.:(

11. Sepia for forehead back but moving down with higher potencies to reach for root with ars met (like ars met moves up?).

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