Saturday, July 9, 2016

Some Gratitude

I've been so worried about my bunch of cats and their kittens that I forget that so many more aren't even getting this much of a chance to survive.

My neighbor's Persian hasn't had a single kitten survive in 8 sets. They cage the kittens with no warmth or even the mother until they die, the bastards, since the vets have nothing to offer.

In 5 other houses the deaths are equally total and the surviving kittens ignored or thrown in a park if they mew from the pain.

One was rescued by Lekha ... but sent to a shelter where the neglect is even more total from sheer number. There, kittens that aren't euthanized on arrival are just dying in corners for the  cleaners the next morning. But barely 1:100 survive both needle& vet to my 1:15. So gratitude.

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