Sunday, July 24, 2016

Prana breathing again

This prana breathing is nothing but enormous jaw breaking yawns.:)

it clears up something between the back of the throat and the back of the head (around the visual cortex) which goes slightly frozen and pins & needles. All over the back of the head spreading to both sides actually. It feels like an ice pack humming.

Then your eyes stream and the sinuses clear and the energy flows through the hands faster and more accurately. Cars and dogs prick their ears and crowd around for it - so you can confirm it's real.

It does prevent me from falling asleep for a little longer but not much. The flow of energy is so fast that sleep is inevitable.

Because it involves the diaphragm and solar plexus, it can get painful not to be able to draw breaths in as deep. That prana has to hit a spot or it doesn't happen.

The dying chakras immediately demand prana when you go near them. (This explains to me why I find it so hard to heal terminal cancer patients and wreck my solar plexus trying! Animals too draw as strongly but because I love them so madly it doesn't seem to do more than drive me away when I can't make headway and sleep a week after when I force myself to go against my will). But there's the drain.

It's deep but should go deeper for a better healer. I suspect that it should go down through the legs or straight through the  root chakra and deep into the earth for good healers. it might be that my solar plexus is very blocked. One time, both my feet went numb with a breath and the energy was very clear out of my hands. Other times I feel very deep pain in my g-spots/hipjoints or the ball if my left foot (all probably blocks).

This particular animal healing guide,  the little old man (who didn't like me calling him a grotesque midget and vanished that blog post;) doesn't seem to require Reiki symbols at all. He wants those: the lightning jag, the swirly chos both direction, half moons - but not the usual 2nd degree ones.

I have noticed before that fip kittens need earth energy that Reiki can't seem to provide. Maybe for true healing just heavenly ki isn't enough? Could explain my lack of success with the dying. The difficulty for me is also to get over my horror of death.

Now here's the part where the homeopathic remedies come in. I want to write this carefully so I can recall (in case of  senility or death - then I can find this blog in the next life?:).

The high potencies work mostly on the cord upto a foot above and below the body. They seem to heal fip kittens best. The draw gets lighter and easier the further you are from the solar plexus along that cord. It's the same for healing auras.

The lower potencies 3, 6, 30 work on the chakras as we know them (7, along the body).

The breath on its own works on the aura. No need for symbols or even hands (except to hold the remedy). Chandu even liked the breath without any remedy.

Before a storm, it's very hard to draw in prana. So it must be either related to the sun (cloud cover), protons (elections, storm -ve charges earth?)

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