Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Prana breathing again

On this day, I've learnt something new about prana breathing!

On the in-breath now (12 solar day) it's at the forehead-sacral and instead of the out breath, we breath the symbol on the in breath. It isn't just any in breath but 'a yawn that fills the abdomen' breath. It progressively clears the forehead chakra (tears stream and nose gets stuffy) but eventually rhe forehead chakra starts to function *because of the solar plexus!*

The first two Reiki symbols are for that. (c&s) There appeared to be a difference for a sorry while - cho going down and sei coming up but it disappeared a few breaths down the line.

The connection between the forehead and solar plexus seems vital to life.

But even more interesting, all blocked chakras down the spine blocked my prana breath too! When I could breathe through them they appeared to function again. I managed all the way down to the sacral for kit before tiring out.

Sil and Stan at first, Kali brom, China, Sepia, Lach in that order. China drawing the longest period.

This is all healing for the kitten. She jumps up and onto my lap for it, her mother and brothers who has abandoned her two days ago have rallied around her again. She's now got their body warmth and prana as well - I'm hoping it's a sign that the dying has reversed. She looks better when I do it, gets up and looks happy, more comfy and breathes slower. Breathing amd fever have eased but constipation and some hardness remains. Not sure yet if it'll save her though.:(

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