Sunday, July 31, 2016

Prana breathing again - higher, not bigger

I think all my writing is just to clear headspace so the guides can push in new stuff. They don't seem to care that it isn't consistent either!

I guess they're clear thinking pragmatists like the Prof who said, all theses should be accepted by the university and thrown in the dustbin.:) Only way to move forward is not to get attached to the previous idea, I guess.

The yawning I've been doing to collect prana appears to be an imperfect way. There's clearer prana if you breathe with a combination of nose and mouth breathing but do the jagged lightning breaths sub-actually (I'm going for something like subvocal here! You're not actually breathing but imagining breathing).

So it has to start higher, heading towards the Ajna chakra I think.

The first time I did it, one kitten lying on me almost feel into a coma like sleep with it's head lolling off my tummy and another kitten set off a tremendous fart! Both scared and amused me so much I couldn't work up the concentration again.

if a kitten hasn't farted at you, you've no idea what you've missed. It isn't hydrogen sulphide, more like arsenic fumes!:)

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