Wednesday, July 6, 2016


I'm stalled. Too tired to start over too annoyed with myself too sick of dying kittens & dogs that disappear (tricolour & dumpy of the police dogs have vanished; the sweetheart Roguen vanished last week!). And I don't know where I am in rhe cycle of the sun.

4 kittens (+2? moved places, 1 was sick, lost track) have survived. So far. 3 more than the last two sets (together, if Rogue died). This distemper season didn't end at all.:(

In fact, I'm afraid it may be accelerating. Yesterday I has a scary thought. Is life on earth really vanishing? Millions of trees dying in Calif, beetles eating them up in Hawaii, our trees all termited or drying up. The guides have given 3 people less than 10 yrs as a life span. I laughed at the number coming up again and again and thought they were just annoyed say being asked, but really ... Do many of us get only a decade?

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