Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Breathing difficulty

Something to do with breathing, all these kittens. It's like the gut bacteria (or the intestine itself?) are struggling to breathe.

Is it some kind of cell respiration problem? There's certainly some gangrene and cell death that leads to the hardening and Crohn's like problem.

It's all in the breath of the kitten somehow!

So this is why I think this way: every time I give them Reiki I get very short of breath. Not in a normal way but like I need a deeper breath and can't draw it deep enough.

It happens when I heal cancer patients, even when I chat with anyone sceptic or with hardened attitudes. It's some kind of visceral reaction to disease.

I have to heal this above all. Next post I'll start with the prana method.

How amazing healing is! I can't be isolated no matter how simple the energy exchange! (I know Ginger feels it too. Poor thing though stressed, everyone's avoiding and blocking her like she's a leper. She feels it like a body blow and I can't think how to protect her. She takes it out in blame & by unfollowing me - the victim identification often leads to this. Hopefully this time will pass and we can be friends again in better times, though blame games never leave that possibility around do they?)

Still how can you protect someone who has God telling her this and that? Only her faith should help her through this time.

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