Wednesday, July 27, 2016

"Be Generous!"

In this last week that's all my guides said about better healing and being a better healer.

And damn if it doesn't make one notice how stingy one is with energy and everything else!

It's been remarkably hard to make the change too. So used to picking which animal is sickest to heal, controlling how much they eat so everyone gets something, oeven doing hands-on healing instead of distance seems less generous!

I've grown conscious of how many beggars I reject (how old and destitute they appear), how many people I say no to everyday! Yesterday I even realised that the cleaner boy who chats with me takes time out of his high pressure job to spend it with me. His fondness is a greater gift than my casual kindness deserves. They all go out of their way to chat while I diss them to tweet.

My blackhole friend, S, who's driven me insane with her neediness, I realised I should give more to and gave her the breadfruit munchies I'd made. She ate it in minutes making me wonder if she gets enough to eat! Destitution threatens all single older women, class is no protection.

I really need to give more and be less controlling of flow!:/

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