Sunday, July 3, 2016

As dumb as they come

That's me! for not noticing the sun month was similar to the moon month!;(((

I'd noticed that the moon cycle remedies were shifting up the cycle by two to three days every month over the last 6 months especially. I explained it away as the healing effect 'moving' remedies further away the less it is required. But I knew too that they were drawn as strongly as ever ... a puzzle.

Before that, initially, I was still not sure which remedies went where. Then I switched the moon cycle from full to new, into first quarter to last quarter  (probably to explain away this solar adjustment!) -- ALL of which should have told me something was wrong with my original theory!

The moon had a 28/29 day cycle, the sun 25/26? (got to check).

There was no way I would have thought of a solar month at all. Or the sun's rotation, or for that matter, it being a different cycle from both our normal calendar and the moon cycle, so I do forgive myself... but I really couldn't do without guides, I think, I feel so stupid. I'm glad though that most people are stupider, and so they continue to work with me.:)

Just over the last week or so I've read about the monthly solar wind and the 0 sunspot solar day - even that it was connected to life in earth. But a niggle aside, I thought nothing of it.

Now I have to start over. My data is all moon cycle related and I could be at it for months to take 2.75 or so days off of it. Better to just start over and make a solar calendar of remedies.

Being of Egyptian descent, I should have known their sun 'worship' wasn't for nothing!

The solar day, close to our month, should be a steadier calendar for healing - including some regular events like weather, sunspots, solar winds and equatorial crossings. I guess it would be more predictable in terms of weather and inclusive of it, a healing calendar instead of the Gregorian one.

I snigger so much at the old if science, now look at me. I'll be plodding away until I die at this rate!

What would worry me is if there's a complex interaction between the solar and lunar cycle and I'd have to start over a fourth time! Or learn astrology, god forbid!:) But fingers crossed that our health is simply a solar-driven thing!

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