Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Today: magnetus p arcticus!

I'm really excited about this! I only have 6x, but the most convincing part for me that it works is that the northpole works on the microbiome and *isn't* working on the pineal gland, or higher chakras, as I'd have expected but on the lower chakras and through the glandular system!

It would explain Ramu's cancerous tumor bursting at the start of the geo mag storm season and if it can explain it, then it can heal it!!

To think of anything working on the glandular level is exciting - it means lymph and lymphatic tissues can be healed which means I can save dog and cat lives!!

Not to mention that 'cancer' wouldn't be a disease so much as a reaction ... lol, as I'd  expected, but an inflammatory process by which microbes reproduce and take over a system to control it neurally.

But since I'm only looking to heal my couple of hundred animals, the names by which medicine looks at these things are just so much blah. Let some idiot scientist suffer and maybe in reading this blog - how painful it would be to an organised mind, muahahah - one day win that useless Nobel for 'curing' cancer.:) (eep... er, only if I'm right of course...:)

But I think it fits in. I have a theory that all aging happens after October into winter and all growth Feb into summer. Which is why cancer 'grows' in Spring and 'dies' in Autumn. that's beside the point ...
They drew it all night, so I added it to the mixture for electromagnetic storms (a work in progress, but it has Electricitas, Rhus vens, etc that I put together at the previous mag storm).

I'll record what happens over the next 3 days. My first dose, I felt a fullness for a few mins, but then nothing.

My solar plexus isn't hurting like it was for the last two weeks.

Icy went off in the wrong direction in the morning and didn't come back for a half hour. Gave me a heart attack - I thought he's taken off like Oldie. Just lost his sense of direction for a few mins probably. He was also acting  afraid of Kenchu. Unusual.

Most dogs have been calmer than is usual before a rain.

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