Sunday, June 26, 2016

Time lag in healing

Perhaps the most inexplicable, annoying and embarrassing part of healing is the time delay before the healing kicks in.

When you're new to healing, and you are full of yourself, feeling like the Buddha or Jesus, time is the most humbling teacher there is. I think it is the universe concealing the source of the healing, a kind of Maya or illusion of self-protection.

Over the years one gets used to the sneers of the sceptics, the uncertainty of if and when the healing will take place, and a kind of wry patience sets in.

I did think though that it was limited to Reiki and was because of the guides. They are a weird and wicked lot, very cruel to egocentric young healers.:)

But I've noticed the time lag in homeopathy too. Intention, faith and prayer healers must also suffer from the same uncertainty.

To my surprise, prana breathing seems to have it too. Is it an energy digestive delay?

Anyway it appears to be  universal and common to all the energy healing methods. I do the usual and stop looking for results - all Reiki teachings say, "Don't be attached to the results" ... so now we know why!;)

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