Saturday, June 25, 2016

The Sun, Geomagnetism and death

I have to admit, I've hit the road block that I suspected from the very beginning. When the guides pointed at the sun, they meant the sun, not geomagnetic effects of it.

The first CME began on June 18 from the sun, joined by a second and third that caught up and slammed earth on 20-22 & on after.

The first kitten died on Saturday 18. Then 20, 22 except 21.

And approximately in an age range (youngest to oldest) and depending on their health (weakest to strongest) and human support (no human contact to loving care).

if this is true then following geomagnetic storms is too late already.:(

I really have to look to the sun's direct bursts to be healing for them. There appears be a simple way, maybe just through the 8 min journey of ordinary light, that their bodies know to shut down and prepare to die.

It might also not be the cat itself that gives up. The flaccid abdomen seems to indicate it's the gut microbes that die off or the abdominal muscles that freeze up (sacral chakra?) or the solar plexus that sucks it dry.

But why does the solar plexus drain the sacral chakra? Why does the sacral just stop functioning? what's the root chakra's problem that it doesn't earth link correctly and deeply?

There also must be a way I can follow the CME and ch hss ejections as they happen. I started with geomagnetism because it was easily available. I also didn't realise it took 3 days for solar winds to hit the earth. Now I have to follow solar weather more closely than the resultant geomagnetic storms.

Among the remedies, Stannum stands out as a solar plexus/epigastric support. (So. Those tinfoil hats! thank god for the sceps constantly repeating that so that I tried it.:)

Even more interestingly Stannum links up the forehead chakra with the solar plexus (of whales) all mammals?

Kali iod 10m for the back of the throat chakra during the aftermath, the rain and cyclone, but maybe during CME flares too.

Ac fl but not sure of where it goes.

Colocynth sacral but not exact. Arg nit perhaps, a diamagnetic instead?

It would simplify my life a great deal if alternate chakras were paramagnetic and diamagnetic!

Arg nit 30 is hurting my hand severely when I pick it up. Maybe I've neglected the remedy too long when our body needs it in some way.

I've just tried it on Roguen. It does the same chakras as Stan, just differently. Quite painfully too for the cat around the solar plexus! Eased up, but there must be nerve ganglion damage, and 30 is too low to avoid the painful aggravation.

Now that my body is sick; the mild cold that I had yesterday that I didn't heal with Aconite - curious to know how deep it will go this time - has spread to my sinuses; my rt eye is watering, both are burning. But it hasn't crossed my throat chakra!! Yet. Yay.

The downside to letting yourself be sick is that you are as weak as a noodle, have to stay in bed, animals go hungry. Hopefully these continuous rains mean that animals are not waiting for me but foraging for themselves. I've already has to reduce the number I feed to around 40. I can't get to the more distant ones between downpours.

The upside to being in bed is that the mild temperature of a head cold and fever gives me time to check remedies out without getting restless to go do some work. (uh oh ... I just had a phlegmy cough!)

-----fyi interesting site but unrelated to this topic on sunspots vanishing on the sun.
More solar anomalies like no sunspots.

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