Friday, June 24, 2016

Suicidal flies and prana

Though it has been a childhood dream and a lifelong obsession  to save every little creature from suffering, I've been thwarted. Time and again these little aliens we call insects show me how impossible it is.

My prana breathing saved two, but these incorrigible, dumpy kamakazi fliers can't seem to miss an inch of water any where! They circle, they flap desperately, and, in mid- miraculous-almost escape, they lose altitude and fall in. Drowning seems to be their preferred mode of escaping the mortal coil. Though being boiled alive, tortured by spiders, chewed up by dogs, anything goes with these buggers.:(

*sigh* I've kind of given up on tree ants and flies at this point. Prana breathing is still hard, my smokers lungs prefer hot, acrid fumes to oxygen and prana, and unless these two species show some desire to stay alive, I can't be bothered. I'll pull them out, but otherwise they're a waste of breath.

There's also a downside to prana breathing. For the healer, as seems to be the norm! (why, *why*??)

I noticed the first time that I was exhausted after, but I put it down to breath gymnastics. The evening after I healed the flies I had my old breathing difficulty again. The next time I did it for the kittens with moldy breath (infection), they got better but I had a scratchy throat. Today I used it for a kitten with rattling in its trachea, and now in the evening I have the sniffles, tearing up and a blocked nose.

I guess the guides weren't kidding when they said I take in unhealthy prana and breath it out as healthy prana! God, this is why I love homeopathy - there's no such personal cost. Panic healing used to cripple me for days with solar plexus (diaphragm) and abdominal cramps after healing. Reiki gives me shadow or mirror pains of the patient which fades in a couple of hours, but still.:(

The only reassuring thing about this kind of breathing is that the problem is moving upwards. So maybe it is clearing my blocks. First general exhaustion, then abdominal, sp, lungs, now throat and eyes.

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