Thursday, June 2, 2016

Senility and the rain

Today's downpour reminds me of Oldie who'd sit drenched in the rain but wouldn't go and stay in the basement of the next building no matter how many of us put him there. Perhaps someone was mean to him once there but I doubt it. He was just developing phobias of what was good for him, another effect of senility. (I'd tried taking him home the times to keep him out of the rains but he sets off the minute it slows down). I've even sat out storms with him in the basement to make sure he didn't set out again to his favorite spot. Said spot could be a puddle but he'll plonk himself in the middle of it.

Towards the end I'd wait for the rain to stop and race over with towels to dry him. He'd sit there shivering in the wind but wouldn't change his habits. Is it calcification or sun effect or age ... I'll never know now but I did try to heal him. Physically he'd heal like a younger dog, but I couldn't shake his mental state.

What kind of madness is senility?

Storming creates anxiety and restlessness in the old. It brings out a cruelty and aggression in the young. This can make it worse for the old - adding to the fear that seems to be a constant companion. Definitely senility gets worse before a storm and there are tremors after the storm. The shivering isn't just from the cold or exposure but a kind of primitive nerve reaction. And now I realise that there's something magnetic to add to the layers of suffering.:(

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