Monday, June 6, 2016

Prana is microbial?

I've long wondered if prana is just a kind of energy-rich microbe. 97% of our bodies are made of microbes (7% is even virus), so maybe there's an even more microscopic microbe as yet undiscovered that we call 'prana'. Or maybe a microscopic microbial activity similar to digestion that takes place in the lungs (not just the O2-CO2 of science).

One thing that makes me suspicious that this might be true is that the animals don't like me breathing on them (with my new prana breath) if I use mouthwash, roots (garlic, onion esp), alcohol, toothpaste, etc. which kill mouth microbes while they love 'morning breath'. Strange?:)

Maybe like Reiki, a whole night of breathing without eating and drinking fills the mouth with some magical microbial creatures?

I've wondered also why jains & brahmins, who both believe that prana is life, don't consume roots - i.e., onion and garlic. They do consume potatoes, sweet potatoes, ginger and turmeric, however, which seemed paradoxical but not so much if it's the microbicidal effect they want to avoid.

Maybe it isn't about the plant we kill when we have a root, as I've often been told (which makes no sense when we kill whole plants to eat greens like coriander and stems like sugarcane, banana plants), but about the prana we kill *in our mouths* because of it's high sulphur content.

All animals avoid me and look disappointed when I have alcohol, garlic and onion. I really should stop using those *sigh* and check if my prana and healing energy increases. Love those stinky roots though!

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