Saturday, June 25, 2016

One explanation both ways

If it is true as the ancient colony chap said, that the outermost layer of our aura, the astral, is made up of electrons, then:
1. if a proton burst from the sun strips them, then it would explain why our root chakras go dry.

The crown chakra is connected to the astral, if it goes empty, all the lower chakras that have blocks get congested and the root goes dry when we're not physically strong? Root chakras are connected to the innermost layer of the physical aura.

2. If instead it congests the crown with filling up the astral layer, then the flooding would also stop the normal movement of channel chi. The root chakra would again stop.

This makes convoluted sense but has no elegance to it. So probably wrong.:(

My question remains at how to save these creatures from such solar events. I'll leave this as a possibility.

Allopathy so sensibly says it can't be helped or prepared for. Lol. -

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