Friday, June 3, 2016

On Childishness and Rebellion

Look at this poor sap! So much like the Martian. (Probably the Martian since it looks like he did his research at Twitter University!;)

Oh Ben, if only your mind was more complex you wouldn't need to reduce others to childish rebelliousness. You just stopped short of suggesting a mechanistic model to factory farm homeopaths and anti vaxxers for organs! So this is how it was done to the poor animals ...

If science was a rebellion against religion, and was good and righteous, surely homeopathy and antivax as a rebellion against the excesses of sith pharma is an evolution and righteous and good too.

(But come to think of it, being complex and rich in thought doesn't get books written, conferences and lecture tours ... it won't put a fire in any belly  for that matter, *sigh*. I was going to slam it for fun. Ok den, have fun in Australia.)

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