Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My struggle with vax

I've been very grateful to have been vaxxed the last few years of my life. Mostly because it's given me a unique insight into my animals lives. Vaxxed dogs mostly.

I've been so sick from its long term effects and have healed myself so often, so slowly from it, that I know it can be done. Exhausting to even think of doing it for any because it is so long drawn out and endless.

Another reason is that, when I was deadly ill, I saw the Psorinum pull out the underlying disease state through the vax sites (the peculiar coin-shaped blue scar tissue of small pox vax, the similar but ridged mmr). I know what to expect and how long it will take with dogs. The healing travelled along nerves and the lymphatic system in long herpetic waves of eruptions. I saw those vax scars heal to normal skin after the disease draw out subsided.

Burnett had it right when he said that as long as the scar remains, the vax effects are too. 2 inoculation scars have gone, after many years of homeopathy, 2 remain.

Whatever vax does, I'm actually more confused than ever about cause and effect since my solar/geomagnetic obsession.

The vax itself comes up as a new disease to be healed - repeatedly. Vax arm breaks out with a rash around the scar, lymph node sweeps up under the vax arm, fever, weakness, chills, eyes, nose effects, slams into hardened nodes around the neck, headache, gives up and attacks the whole body, eruptions herpetic, bones hurt, intense chills, very weak, dizzy, brain fog, abdomen affects, vanishes. To repeat again and again with less intensity each time.

The first time it was herpetic with pustules that made my back stick to the bed every night for 6 mo. But I'd taken Psor 200, too low.

Where are the original diseases that we've actually suffered & survived? My measles, my chickenpox, my flus? is it that the vax induced disease had so much more impact on immunity that that in itself takes 3-5 years to finish??

Or as the anti vax movement says living through those infections left no marks and after effects at all on our immunity except strength & resilience?

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