Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More survivors of fip

14 kittens may have survived this year from the winter-spring set. 4 died in the last 2 months, 1 by killer cat, 3 of fip that I know of (1 may have died after a dog attacked it at a neighbors yesterday). Still a long way to go since the teens are risk-taking months, but a larger number than usual have survived childhood!

Gingercat, Squeaky & Roguen only have made it to semi-adulthood from the previous batch.
One exciting detail about Gingercat - he's from a more ancient native breed of Indian native cat that I thought had disappeared with sparrows from my city!

Most of our native cats were wiped out by non-native diseases like distemper when it first appeared in the 70s, 80s brought in by the furry breeds - Persians and the north Indian cats.

Nati cats
The longer body, long delicate tail, sharper snout and shorter fur makes it look more feral but, though decisive & quick, they're highly intelligent and very gentle. You'll never be accidentally clawed by gcat or climbed on. They're also more omnivorous - gcat will eat any kind of bread, oily snacks and can live on cockroaches! (The latter drives me nuts because he has enough meat available not to torture my poor insects!)

They're better adapted to survive in a mostly vegetarian India. Gingercat may still repopulate our planet with our unique nati cats if he gets his immunity up!:)

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