Thursday, June 30, 2016

More kitten deaths

Doesn't look like this year will be any better than the last, and maybe worse.

Two more kittens died. Two hanging in the balance that may not survive. (one of those lost last night presumed dead).

One, Chandni, (naming didn't help, 21 days of survival didn't help - she'd been here for over a month) simply didn't grow, didn't graduate to meat (loved milk and suckled), died of the same flaccid paralysis as the others. (Calc brom &/or Distemperinum may have pushed it over. Began to grow, stalled and reversed? single dose may have been a mistake). She's been on hot water bottles for a month while her larger brother thrived in the same environment from the start.

The other was a feral kit - his brother still survives. But this is the opposite of the flaccid paralysis - the abdomen is sunken, the spine is arched (appearance of a camel), rickety legs. I managed to bring the second one in after the first disappeared, but he's taken off again this morning (probably to die).

It looks like a bone disease that spreads to the nerves and last attacks the muscles of the abdomen or respiratory organs. It looks inherited, triggered by atmospheric, weather changes. Magnetic storms not so much, CMEs not sure (data released too late to help), solar plexus severely affected.

Only 3 sun effects I can see is:
1. Rapidly rising kp index (2-4)
2.  "The elongated equatorial coronal hole (between N10 to S25), has crossed central meridian early this morning. " on 29th, and
3. A fast solar wind zone (400+)
4. 0 sunspots for about 2 weeks now - rare.
5. High level winds (from the solar wind?) and a depression/cyclone in the Bay of Bengal.

The other explanation niggling at my brain is that this whole distemper in cats and dogs could be from the human OPV live virus that can live in sewerage. Is been around as long as the polio vax in India. As easy for humans to spread diseases to animals as it is for  disease to jump species the other way. The flaccid paralysis makes me suspicious as does this article:

Anyway we'll know if the pandemic ends with the new injected polio vax that has been recently introduced all over the world. I used to blame the rabies vax and the 5-shot distemper vax for years, so not going there again! If it is, it is. Vax is reality, law and my healing must go on - blame just makes me a bad healer.

The viral attack/progress can be slowed  on the spine with kali iod (?), Cicuta, Cina, etc; muscles with Physostigma, colocynth,  others; nerves of respiration with brom, stan, etc; abdomen with Tellur, Sulph, Phytolacca. Even the attack on the brain & the liquid pressure. But how, if it's all in 2 days and there's no time? Or if there's time but the animal won't grow??:(

My heart hurts. It looks impossible to help.:(

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