Thursday, June 23, 2016

More flaccid cases

The flaccid paralysis in human polio vax kids is closely paralleled by kitten distemper cases. Makes me think that vax may not have anything to do with it except as a trigger. If that.

3 more kittens died, 1 the day before, 1 3 days ago from Shvjingr, 1 Magalu's 4 days ago. 8 kittens of this batch are still surviving, but this is just the start of the monsoon, a very stressful time for outdoor animals.

There's muscular weakness, ascites, eyes glued mucopurulent (not always) but no lung involvement (but resp nerves abnormal), abdominal flaccidity, loss of appetite. Just severe water imbalance. Could it all be diabetes insipidus? They draw too many remedies to figure out - insulin, pancreatin, adrenalinum among them (isodes that I'm afraid to give).

Drawing Kali iod, iod, Sulphur, Psorinum, colchicum, colocynth (bulging eyes or drawn in), stan (breathing difficulty), Solanum, Scilla, Physostigma, Ac flor, causticum. More. Too many.:(

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