Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Magnetic storm remedies for kittens

Despite being excited about magnetus polus & electricitas remedies, they've not been curative. This month has been full of geomagnetic storms so maybe not the best time to correct the problem of sensitivity.

The remedies I'm currently excited about are:
Scilla maritima: It seems to have pushed back the distemper symptoms in terrace b&g's two surviving kittens (bronchial, eye, salivary glands). Not fully yet though.

The reason it works might be that it's for splenic fever, a spleen remedy.

Fluoric acid, Kali brom, Nat mur, Stannum, Solanum added to the healing.

I'm unsure of how the disease turned on the use of Scilla - new moon might have a role. It could tie into ferromagnetism because the spleen stores red blood cells (iron rich so tracts to magnetic storms). Might explain the inflammation during a geomagnetic storm. Scilla also cuts down the copious grey mucus and fluid retention that increases the parasitic danger to the body.

I remember Prathiba's Brown male consistently drew Scilla when he had inflammation of the glands around his jaw and died of bleeding. It is a specific for that, pain around the jaw glands which all distemper cases have (snapping biting chorea).

Scilla is also a measles remedy, so definitely a childhood disease cure.

I tried Scilla 6 on my crown (moon 5) and I felt a cool rush of energy.

The other exciting remedy is Physostigma! I've never got it right but every distemper case has drawn it. Got to get more potencies of it before I can write. More later.

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