Friday, June 10, 2016

Just thought updates

My phone doesn't have that magnetometer but more than that I'm intimidated by the whole of Bangalore being south of me, what I'll find, what I can imagine oldiefatty having to go through ... I think I just can't bear to look any more, even if I buy a compass. I'm such a coward.

I've also been stressed by so many kittens sick or abandoned by their moms. Two of the black&gold still live. I'm not surprised she abandoned them - they're biting too hard for nursing, almost driven mad by the geomagnetic storm and weather change. One is only half the size of the other and he's frenzied to the point of insanity - part of the disease reaching the brain. fl ac 6 gave him some peace, and reduced the intensity. I should buy that on higher potencies.

Though plumb met is the remedy for both flaccid paralysis and that kind of frantic, frenzied inflammation of nerve tissue, and the black paralysed one drew it at 200, it didn't heal.

I assumed at first that it fell into a healing sleep, but it was like a coma from which it died. It continued to mew at me and communicate till the end, which I've seen often in distemper cases, but nothing rouses them from that sleep. Their metabolism takes a deep dive and they dream and indicate preferences but they die peacefully from it. It flipped its tail cheerfully too an hour before it died - it had no muscular strength in it before. Very confusing for healers, almost all indications were that it was improving.

The only worrying thing was the hard mumps like knots in it's salivary glands which I hoped would heal in time - plumb being in the stannum-silicea-carbon group. I thought I had time to heal it, but that brain shut-down is neural and I don't know how to understand it.

Maybe since it was so young I should have started with Silicea or stannum or even carbon? Died peacefully with the falling kp index like the previous two. Blood pressure just falls away out of control I guess?:(

Maybe I should have given veratrum to keep bp up, but storm time is unpredictable and I don't understand it fully yet - given just before a rain maybe?

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