Saturday, June 25, 2016

Having a full cold

I let this cold go through hoping my body had improved immunity (mostly from the Kali iod:).

It has, but not enough. The cold still touched all the markers though more lightly than ever before.

heavens though, I'd forgotten how bad it feels to be ill! Out started with two fingers of my right hand not being able to turn the key, like carpal tunnel, then skipped the throat phase of itching and I got the sniffles. I didn't Aconite it away even then. Then the fever - milder than usual - but followed by sneezing, watery burning eyes then the itching of the throat started as it began it's journey down.

Then weakness, bones feeling like they're noodles, cough but with more liquid, less phlegm for about 8 hours.

Then back to the peculiar aching in the bones of the fingers and toes. The fever continued throughout but mild.

My toes and esp the balls of my feet feel like I have calcarea spurs. My eyes hurt when I look at the mobile with photosensitivity.

The noodle-bone feeling is changing, I think it is diminishing, but it still feels like the bones are made of glass waiting to shatter. And the wind goes right through me!

No wonder colds and flus are called break bone fevers! Our immunity seems to be in the bones, especially the joints. That's what sparks this outpouring of mucus - from the ends to the center of our body's skeletal frame.

The halogens then strengthen this frame. I didn't feel the racking cough of two years past, nor the heavy head when the bones of the skull go nuts.

Stannum too may have made a difference though I'm not sure how.

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