Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hardpad humans

The pain in the balls of my right foot are almost ulcerative today, worse on the outer edge. If I look at it, the skin is thick and not very flexible. So!! Humans have their version of hardpad too!! I'm a human distemper survivor, yay!

Eve since I read a description if wet and dry distemper, then wet and dry cholera, then wet and dry fip and wet and dry bird flu, I've suspected that they're all the same and not microbial but environmental.

To know that they're all related to the sun is both a relief and a worry. I've no clue how to do this. Either the healing or the anticipating of events.

CME & CH HSS data comes on twitter hours too late, the apps aren't accurate or if they are they're late.

Finding the cases aren't going to be hard though - paw and heel hardening and/or cracks are the clue in all carbon-based lifeforms.

(Acid flor and halogens, Hydrocotle, other cellular multiplication remedies?)

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