Saturday, June 25, 2016

Glandular calcification - 4

The Pineal Gland First
Quite by chance I ran across a set of vids claiming to detox the pineal gland. At that time I was hoping to heal the Martian, who I'd grown fond of. That he would be able to see a gentler reality with it, be happier for it. (But that certainly didn't happen, quite the opposite - he saw an opportunity for cynical exploitation, lol.:)

The suggestion on the vids was quite simple: down a bit of Borax everyday and fluoridation that hardens the pineal gland would be removed. The pineal gland will detox by ... the alkalinity? Or more likely the boron itself.

I've done Borax before when Sonu had cancer, reading earthclinic to see if it would be useful to give her. It made me slightly nauseous but nothing more. It didn't help Sonu so I dropped the idea after a few tries.

But many animals draw borax 3 in homeopathy. It has the property of removing a fear of downward motion, which would make it an upper chakra remedy. It is also a nutrient that makes bones stronger, and more dense, which would point to it being a lower chakra remedy.

I was hoping to have the Martian do borax with me, but not, so I went it alone. I'm still doing it though I see no particular change with the material dose.

But homeopathically, floric acid high seems to be correct for the forehead chakra (so some of that youtube theory is right!) and, in young animals, borax 3 goes with it. Not sure if it does so for bone mineralization, balance or other reasons and nothing to indicate it reverses glandular hardening yet. But hope is there!:)

There are reasons I've started writing about hardening from the pineal gland down.

1. The most dangerous way to live life seems to be one lived without perspective or tolerance.

I'd cover that for humans with a single word: scep. I don't want to waste time in them though since they're in narc heaven.:)

In animals, fear and suspicion are the worst of the lost mental  balance we call perspective. Both lead to early death through accidents, flights, fights, loss of nutrition & isolation. In dogs and cats if they can only develop a healthier smaller range of fear and suspicion they'll gain at least twice as many years of life.

2. The pineal is one end of the two directions the hardening goes - it is the extreme of the upward loss of glandular flexibility and function. As a part of the brain, it controls many things from sleep to happiness, probably also the autonomous nervous system.

The nerves end here, taking the living instructions down, so this is a part of nerve tissue. Neuro-immunity may begin here, with autoimmune disorders of old age springing from this source.
I've got more to say but 'more later'.

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